Eyelash Extensions and More by a Qualified Eyelash Artist

BareLUXE Beauty is a lash studio that offers professional services to customers who want beautifully defined eyebrows and eyelashes. Located in Creve Coeur, MO, I offer microblading, eyelash extensions, and eyelash extension removal to my customers. I am fully licensed, insured, and trained to provide my services, and I work Monday to Saturday to cater to the needs of my customers.


Eyelash Extension – Come to my studio to try my affordable eyelash service. I use high-quality extensions that are applied to your natural eyelashes using medical-grade cosmetic glue. The products I use are safe and will not cause irritation to the sensitive skin surrounding your eyes. The extensions are semi-permanent, and they will last until your natural lashes are shed. Customers can choose their desired thickness and length, and I will also give my recommendations regarding the type and style of extensions suitable for their face and eye shape. To maintain the appearance of longer and thicker eyelashes, it is recommended that you get a fill-in service every three to four weeks.


Eyelash Removal – If you decide to have your extensions removed before your natural eyelash falls off, you can come back to the studio for a lash extension removal service. The process takes between fifteen to thirty minutes, and it is a gentle process that will not interfere with the growth of your natural eyelashes.


I am the dependable eyelash artist you can call when you want to enhance your appearance. BareLUXE Beauty is known to provide quality eyelash and eyebrow services. I work with clients living in Creve Coeur, MO and the surrounding areas. I offer professional eyelash services that will give you a glamorous look. You should only choose qualified and well-trained lash artists to do your extensions. I am available six days a week to work with my customers, and I offer my services at reasonable rates. For all your eyebrow and eyelash needs, call (314) 222-4074.

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